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Is Your Business Game Ready to Get the Best Rate It Deserves?

Feb 13, 2024 11:52:24 AM / by Grant Dermody posted in Debt, Action, Planning, Budget, Banking, Strategy


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There’s nothing like a sporting analogy to focus the mind. I’ve enjoyed watching the cricket on free to view and the new commentary team lead by Scotty ‘‘Sumo’ Stevenson.

I’m also looking forward to the Razor Robinson era. I’m not in the Razor fan club, but I must admit I am warming to him and the fresh approach. You don’t get many “full credits” from Razor.

Often players who have been overlooked by the last AB’s coach have a second chance. The most obvious example in New Zealand rugby was the John Hart - Laurie Mains transition. Hart’s AB’s team was full of Aucklanders , whereas Laurie picked a lot of players from regional New Zealand, including Southland’s very own Simon Culhane. I was lucky enough to play alongside Simon, and he typified the Laurie Mains era of a tough, skillful hard worker with no frills.

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